‘Ender’s Game’ by Orson Scott Card was originally published as a short story in the August 1977 issue of ‘Analog Science Fiction and Fact’. The novel version came about later in 1985. Since then, the ‘Ender’s Game’ series has grown to include fourteen novels, thirteen short stories, 47 comic books, a film, an audioplay and other reference materials.

The ‘Ender’s Game’ series is often referred to as the Enderverse or Ender Saga.


Currently there are fourteen published novels in the Enderverse and at least seven more planned novels: The novels to be published are: The Second Formic War Trilogy ( 1. The Swarm, 2. The Hive, 3. The Queen), a novel which will tie together Ender and Bean’s stories ( 4. Shadows Alive), and The Fleet School Series (5. Children of the Fleet, 6., 7., or more).

All of the novels are written by Card, except for the three prequels and three planned prequels, which are co-written with Aaron Johnston. In the event that Card dies, Card has said that Aaron Johnston will complete any books remaining under contract to relieve Card’s wife of any debt from unwritten books.

Other Media

In addition to the fourteen novels, there are also thirteen short stories, 47 comic book issues, a film, an audioplay, and other reference materials. There is one planned short story (*), which will be published by Centipede Press in a planned Enderverse short story anthology. There are no planned short comic books, film sequels, or anything similar.

Reading Order

The Enderverse is complicated. Many of the novels overlap and contradict each other, which makes deciding a reading order difficult. According to Card, it does not matter what order the books are read except that Xenocide should be read just before Children of the Mind.

Most fans prefer to read the novels in either publication or chronological order. We at Ender’s Ansible recommend reading reading the novels in publication order in order to avoid spoiling many of the novels.

For younger readers who enjoyed the action and surprise elements of ‘Ender’s Game’, we suggest following the original novel with Bean’s story followed by ‘Ender’s in Exile’.

 Failed, Rumored, or Unofficial Adaptations

Film (Warner Bros.) [Failed]
In 2003, Card submitted a screenplay to Warner Bros. based on both ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Ender’s Shadow’. Wolfgang Peterson was attached to the project as the director. Ultimately, efforts by Warner Bros. to adapt Ender’s Game failed.

Film Sequel(s) (Lionsgate) [Rumored]
Lionsgate owns the rights to 12 novels/stories in the Enderverse. One week after the US release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate CEO, said the company would wait an additional week or two to announce whether any sequels or spin-offs would be made. No announcement by Lionsgate has ever been made, which make any film sequels or spin-offs unlikely.

Young Graff Novel [Rumored]
Aaron W. Johnston has expressed interest in writing a novel based on Hyrum Graff’s younger years. As of March 2017, Johnston has confirmed on Twitter that he is currently not under contract to write a young Graff novel. However, Johnston adds that there’s “no telling what the future holds.”

‘Renegat’ Short Story [Rumored]
In 2017, some Ender fans report that Card published an Ender’s Game spinoff short story, titled ‘Renegat’, via ‘Uncle Orson on the Fly’, his paid email subscription service. It’s unclear whether this short story actually exists because new subscribers to ‘Uncle Orson’ are unable to read past issues. ‘Renegat’ is rumored to take place after the events of ‘Children of the Fleet’. It’s possible that this short story maybe the exclusive, and officially untitled, short story that will be published in the Centipede Press Enderverse short story anthology.

Video Game [Failed]
In 2008, Chair Entertainment announced that it was developing a video game called ‘Ender’s Game: Battle Room’  for all viable downloadable platforms. In late 2010, the game’s creators announced that development of the video game adaptation would stop and the project was put on indefinite hold.

Formic Wars TV series [Rumored]
In April 2013, Card said that he was trying to develop the Formic War trilogies into a TV series. No further information has come to light.

Ender’s Shadow TV Series [Rumored]
In November 2013, Lionsgate expressed interest in developing a TV series based on ‘Ender’s Shadow’ if the ‘Ender’s Game’ film performed well at the box office.  Again, no further information has come to light.

Ender’s Game Fanfiction Anthology [Rumored]
In June 2012, The Wall Street Journal reported that Card would hold a fan fiction contest for fans in Fall 2012. According to the article, winning entries would be published in an anthology and become official Enderverse canon. However, no other source has confirmed the possibility of this anthology.

Ender’s Game Manga [Unofficial]
In December 2013, the Anime News Network announced that Shuho Sato would publish a manga inspired by ‘Ender’s Game’ in loose conjunction with the Japanese release of the ‘Ender’s Game’ film. In January 2014, chapter one of the manga was published for free online. (Note: To view the entire chapter, hover over the left side of the page and click to turn the pages.) At this time, no other chapters have been published.

Ender’s Game Theatrical Production [Unofficial]
In September 2014, a Finland company produced a play based on ‘Ender’s Game’. Although it was an unofficial adaptation, Card chose to feature the play on his website.

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