Possible ‘Ender’s Shadow’ Television Show

Bean_1Producers love ‘Ender’s Shadow’

According to a set report from SlashFilm, the ‘Ender’s Game’ producers talked about shooting ‘Ender’s Shadow’ alongside ‘Ender’s Game’. However, when the producers realized that the film’s budget wouldn’t allow for this, they scrapped the idea. Instead, ‘Ender’s Game’ producer Linda McDonough says that if the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie is a success, they would love to do an ‘Ender’s Game’ television show.

Similarly, we reported in April that Orson Scott Card is also hoping to turn the First Formic War trilogy into a television show.

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.


Possible ‘Ender’s Shadow’ Television Show — 20 Comments

  1. Ender’s Shadow show? Or the whole Shadow quartet? I still think Shadow is better big screen material, and Speaker/Xenocide/Children should be for TV.

    • that I agree with. The farther in to the shadow books we get the more I agree with Boothby. And if the Ender’s Game the movie does as well as I’m hoping, then I can see a series on TV work. But to keep it alined with the nature of the book I’d want it to be HBO or similar to their shows. Keep it raw and gritty as the beginning of Bean’s story is.

    • And incidentally, the story never said it would be live action. This could be animated. In fact, it’s more likely to be animated. Assumptions…

      • You mean like the Star Trek animated series?

        (I mean–where else could we see Kzin and Puppeteers, interacting with Kirk, Spock and McCoy!?!)

  2. I think that would be fantastic. And actually, I was talking a while ago about how I think the Speaker series might work well on one of the major cable things – considering how violent and potentially adult it gets. :)

    • Ugh, I hope not, what a terrible story, and nothing at all whatsoever to do with Andrew Wiggin. And it only gets worse in the two sequels. I was very happy when Shadow came out to properly continue the true story. IMO, FWIW, Speaker was an idea for a story Card had and he tossed in Ender to help it sell. Look at the Alvin Maker junk for example. It just more of that.

      • I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. However, I thought it was a fantastic exploration of the world, with Bean and Petra as really complex, interesting main characters. Given the genesis of the project wasn’t like Speaker for the Dead, which DID start independently and become an Ender book, I would strongly disagree that Ender was merely thrown in there for sales. Especially given how much his shadow (pun intended) looms over everything that happens in the series.

        And while I don’t particularly enjoy the Alvin Maker books, they are quite popular, and hardly “junk.”

        • Bean and Petra were not in Speaker. I loved Ender’s Shadow but you were talking about Speaker. The reason why I was immediately turned off to Alvin Maker was the Mormon mythos behind it. I’m not a bigot but Card is already borderline racist in Ender’s Game (sometimes hard to tell if he really hates Jews and blacks or is just creating interesting characters with those prejudices–but then, given his public stance on homosexuality, I might suspect the former, thinly veiled). If you aren’t familiar with Mormon prophesies about the Americas, then Alvin Maker is just an interesting story.

          • Ah, sorry. My mistake. I’m still sorry you didn’t enjoy it. I think the Speaker series is great. :) As you say, it became an Ender book from a different idea, but I don’t think it was to help it sell, but to help it have a bigger story to tell than just the idea of the Speaker. Adding Ender’s guilt and redemption story did more than just window dress the “pigs in space” story, it permeates every aspect of the plot.

            Totally your right to dislike or hate the Speaker books. I just happen to disagree. But again, my apologies for misreading your post.

          • Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Card fan, but his body of work has always had subtle religious undertones. For instance, you bring up Ender’s “guilt and redemption”. That single phrase is thick with Mormon doctrine. Why would Ender feel ANY guilt whatsoever for what HE did not do to the aliens? It was not by choice. It was a game, part of command school. What’s the source of grief? Those responsible for the destruction of the alien homeworld were the Hegemony and I.F. That “guilt and redemption” theme underlying Speaker not only did not fit Ender’s personality, it was based on a weak premise–that a monstrous boy, capable to dealing enormous damage to his fellow students, capable of KILLING another child in order to survive, would feel guilt over destroying a hostile alien race that had attacked Earth twice before. No, it’s not fitting the character, it’s a square peg in a round hole. That novel was about the Piggie aliens, their bizarre duality with the tree life, and Ender was crammed into the story.

  3. While Enders Shadow was a great book, it’s a good thing it didn’t become a movie. The director badly botched Enders Game, watering it down to a superficial version of the great, classic novel, and he would have badly botched Enders Shadow as well. The actor who played Bean in Enders Game was nothing like the character in the book and was all wrong for the part. His physical appearance and wimpy personality was completely inconsistent with the complex character of the novel.

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