CLOSED Giveaway: Fan-Made ‘Ender’s Game’ Posters

egpostersimpleby Artist Darian Robbins

Hey Ansible readers! We’re giving away some posters from ‘Ender’s Game’ artist Darian Robbins. Darian has rendered designs that appear in various ‘Ender’s Game’ comic books, including the battle school crest and a drawing of Steve Sywak’s battle school design. He has also designed army logo T-shirts that appear in Orson Scott Card’s online store.

We will randomly select 3 winners at the end of the contest and each winner will receive one poster designed by Darian of his/her choice. The rules are simple:

1. Be a resident of the United States or Canada. (Minors, please ask your parents for permission before entering this giveaway.)

2. You have the opportunity to enter only twice.

First, you can leave one comment on this post telling us which poster is your favorite. Multiple comments by the same user will be deleted. Please fill in your email address when you comment so we can contact you if you win!

Secondly, you can tweet both Darian and the Ender’s Ansible Twitter once. Example: @Darian_Robbins @EndersAnsible I love the Save China poster! #endersgame”

3. This giveaway will end on Sunday March 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST.

The three randomly selected winners will be announced on Monday April 1, 2013. The winners will have one week to claim their posters by emailing us which poster they would like and their full name and address as it should be mailed. If any winner has not claimed his/her prize in one week then he/she forfeits the prize and a new winner will be selected.

Some of Darian’s posters are pictured below Check out more of Darian Robbins’ ‘Ender’s Game’ posters and other fan art on Darian’s blog or in our fan art gallery.


#10 “Graff17” 
#21 “Trevor” 
#9 “Are you there?”

Please email us your full name and address as it should be put on the mailing label. Also, tell us which poster you would like. 


CLOSED Giveaway: Fan-Made ‘Ender’s Game’ Posters — 42 Comments

  1. Hmm. There are so many good ones! Graphically, I think I like the 1st one the best. I think, as a poster for the film, it lets you in on enough to be interested, gets you excited to see the movie, but doesn’t confuse someone who hasn’t read the books. I love that the movie’s tag line is “the enemy’s gate is down.” Absolutely love it! All of these posters are fantastic!

  2. My favorite is definitely the “At game end… The truth begins” (#13). So many parts of the book are represented in the one poster!

  3. The third is clearly the best. It gets to the point and conveys the atmosphere of the story without making references people who haven’t read the book won’t understand.

  4. All are good designs, but my favorite is the Full Metal Jacket parody poster. I think it’s No. 10. Using the Enemy’s Gate Is Down on the helmet in place of Born to Kill is a great touch. It’s a fun poster with a shout out to a classic movie.

  5. I like almost all of these poster ideas but #13 “At Game END.. The Truth Begins ” stands out the most I love it! Its got great color choices and the I like that it shows students and ships as one in it. And their is even a door on the Bugger planet that they are all pointing to. I like that he took it out into space to the bugger world and not in the battle room. And the rocks coming up around the base of the planet make it seem as its being destroyed. That and for the little fact that the “s” on Ender’s Game is the body of the student in the flash suit as well. I think it show great design.

  6. Oups, didn’t mean to press post there, so please connect these to posts.

    The Hive Queen poster is my favorite because I have read the books following enders game, and I personally think that the Formics/Buggers/Whatever you choose to call them deserve forgiveness, also I find it clever that inside the hive queen outline there are stars, showing that, [SPOILER ALERT] the hive queen left to the stars with Andrew too seek refuge on a new planet where humans will not do harm to them. (One more thing, speaker for the dead was my favorite book of the Ender series, other then Enders Game, of course).

  7. Loved the propaganda posters and the ones for The Hegemon and the The Hive Queen, but number 13 was particularly poignant. I would love to see it as a cover on the books. Though, I suppose if I had to pick one I want to see on my wall, I would pick number 2. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. . .

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