Abigail Breslin Talks ‘Ender’s Game’ Movie

abigail-breslin-ncFans Won’t Be Disappointed with the Film

Valentine Wiggin actress, Abigail Breslin, spoke with CNN recently about her role in the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie. Fans will be happy to note that she has read the book and believes the film will stay true the book’s contents.

She says, “It does stay true to the book, which I’m excited about […] The cast is so talented and I play Valentine. I love the character in the book as well, so it stays pretty true to the character in the movie.”

Abigail also spoke about working alongside veteran actor Harrison Ford (Colonel Graff), saying “I did work with [Harrison Ford] briefly and he’s amazing, I mean, incredible.”

All though Abigail Breslin could not give any details away, she did tease fans that the sets she saw were “amazing.”

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.


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  1. I just keep thinking back to OSC saying that “very few scenes in the movie are taken from the book and vice versa.” How true to the book can it be?

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