Digital Domain Acquired by Reliance MediaWorks and Galloping Horses.

And the winner is…

Reliance MediaWorks submitted a winning bid of $30.2 million dollars for 30% of Digital Domain, the Ender’s Game special effects company. The bid was made in partnership with Galloping Horses. Galloping Horses is a Chinese firm that focuses on film and television. Together these two companies have a combined value of $25 billion.

Both companies have happy about the winning bid.

“We are thrilled to have found a partner in Reliance MediaWorks that is as committed as we are to ensuring Digital Domain’s continued excellence and success,” Zhong, vice chairman of Galloping Horses, said in a statement today.

“We have had a wonderful working relationship with Digital Domain over the years and we could not be happier to take it further through the joint Galloping Horse – Reliance acquisition,” said Venkatesh Roddam of Reliance MediaWorks.

Through their acquirement of Digital Domain the companies gained a stake in the Ender’s Game film. It remains to see if these companies will stake in Ender’s Game.

The Ender’s Game film will be released on November 1, 2013.




Digital Domain Acquired by Reliance MediaWorks and Galloping Horses. — 1 Comment

  1. I’m thinking it would be more correct to say that “Digital Domain and its new owners have not revised the previously stated release date of November, 2013.” At this point, considering the dust hasn’t even settled (and with Florida still smarting from its losses, the dust and the lawsuits wont be settled for quite a while), Summer 2014 would be optimistic.

    Oh, and I’ve seen the re-write of the script from Galloping Horses. In the shower scene between Bonzo and Ender, Bonzo says, “And now…we fight!” Then he jumps up in the air and flies 25 feet straight at Ender, with one leg extended…while spinning.

    Meanwhile, the Launchie Armies all put on their multi-colored battle suits and start singing and dancing in the hallways.

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