Ender’s Game Origami: The Little Yellow Ship

Learn how to fold this little yellow ship from the Ender’s Game book cover below (after the jump)!

First a few tips:
1. This is an intermediate level origami, if you’re a beginner and want some help tell us in the comments!

2. Make sure you crease every fold as neatly as possible with a coin, popsicle stick or something similar.

3. It’s ok to use one-sided color paper!

4. If you complete the design show us on Facebook!

5. When you’re done you can use it as a Christmas ornament, zipper pull or make a handful and put together a baby mobile. The possibilities are endless!

  • Guest

    Very cool! I just wish I wasn’t so terrible at origami.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=624546088 Stephen Sywak

    You guys are such geeks….this is cool

    • endersansible

      HA! I’m pretty sure we establish on a thread in Milagre that we’re nerds and not geeks.