Ender’s Game Movie at the IMAX and Possibly Sequels

According to The Wrap, the Ender’s Game movie will premeie at IMAX theaters. The news came via an a conference call with analysts.

Lionsgate’s CEO, Jon feltheimer also spoke about the possibilites of making Ender’s Game into a franchise. “There’s a lot of books […] We’re excited about the franchise,” Feltheimer said. He also noted, “It’s a very different kind of franchise than ‘The Hunger Games.'”

Will you been seeing Ender’s Game in the IMAX? Tell us in the comments!


Ender’s Game Movie at the IMAX and Possibly Sequels — 6 Comments

    • jemma2013: Actually, there is romance in the last book. As for making them into movies, many thought Ender’s Game was unsuited to the screen. Not sure how those who have not read the book could understand much of the movie. Having read it three times, I still found some of the jumps past whole sections of the book difficult to span. Still enjoyable.

  1. Does that mean they won’t focus on making it young-adulty and actually go the SFTD/Xenocide/COTM route? Or that it’s “very different” because the main characters shift from Ender to Shadow?

    • Well their other big franchises have been Twilight and The Hunger Games, whose success  have been largely fueled by love triangle. Ender’s Game doesn’t even have a romantic love story, let alone a triangle. I think that’s what he had in mind.

  2. i would totally watch this one in imax, but…it better have the visuals (and keep a storyline) that are worth it! lol

    oddly enough i’ve read EG 18 times, but never read SFTD or any other enderverse book.

    i just started SFTD and so far think that would be difficult to turn into a script. i’m sure however that it could be done.

    NOW, I have read a preview of Earth Unaware and if the rest of the book is like that intro….NOW THAT’S A MOVIE!

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