UK and Germany Release Dates for the Ender’s Game Movie

IMDb lists two new international release dates for the Ender’s Game movie. We should note that IMDb can be edited by anyone with a membership, but we’ve checked with Summit Entertainment and these dates are accurate:

UK Friday October 25, 2013

Germany Thursday October 31, 2013

The UK release date is a full week earlier than the US release of Friday November 1, 2013. Is anyone from UK or Germany excited about getting to see the Ender’s Game movie before the US… and is anyone from the US taking a trip to either of these two locations to see the Ender’s Game movie a week early? Tell us in the comments!

  • Thomas


  • Dlh1989

    How is October 31st weeks ahead of November 1st?

    • Marie

      I think they meant Germany’s release date is a week ahead than the US date

  • endersansible

    I’m jealous!