Dear Valentine by Maurice Jones

Another Song Inspired by Ender’s Game

Maurice Jones is a singer songwriter from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who has been playing guitar and writing songs for about 10 years now. He’s been an Ender’s Game fan for lightly longer than that at 11 years, when he was first introduced to the book in high school. Naturally, this led him to write the song below inspired by Ender’s Game called “Dear Valentine.”

He tells us that he was inspired to capture what was going on inside Ender’s head. “The thoughts that could’ve been dwelling within his mind. Having to endure a lot of psychological and physical strain. Being torn apart from your family, learning to trust no one yet holding on to the thought of one person that can help him see this through. Living up to the fact that failure is not an option and empathy can used as a weapon or salvation. These thoughts and ideas were the driving force in the lyric writing process.”

“I wanted to convey the fact that Ender is giving a dying plea out to Valentine to save him because ultimately she is the only one that he can trust, even though she cant be there for him. […] I tried to take the somber, lonely, emotions of Ender and culminate it with the major themes and mood from the book. It was hard to try and sum up Ender’s Game through a 4 and half minute song but in the end I am very proud of it.”

Maurice Jones has one request, “All I ask is for you to close your eyes, turn it up and take a listen. Think about Ender and see where this song takes you. If you do that, I promise it wont disappoint.”

You can find the lyrics to “Dear Valentine” here. Maurice’s solo act can be found here and here’s his Facebook. & If you’re interested in hearing more Ender’s Game inspired songs, click here.


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