UPDATED: Ender’s Room Examined

What’s in Ender’s Room?

The official Ender’s Game production blog released a picture of Ender’s bedroom yesterday. The picture is pretty small, but we think we found some pretty cool stuff in Ender’s mess. Check it out!

1. Milky Way Solar System Wall Decals
Ender has these all over his walls. We found these ones on Etsy for $45

2. Plane Models
If you look closely there are a few plane models hanging from the ceiling of Ender’s Room. We aren’t sure about this exact model, but we found a similar one from The Smithsonian for $36.

3.  Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II Decal
This jet was designed for the US Air Force in the 1970s. Read more here.

4. Bugger Ship
We wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be a model of the Bugger’s ships. Until we know for sure we think it looks similar to Star War’s Millennium Falcon.

5. DNA Model
We almost missed this one in Ender’s cluttered room. That’s Watson and Crick’s double helix DNA structure. Here’s one from Amazon for $19.

6. Ender’s  Desk
Check out Ender’s desk, or what we call a tablet. This may be a modified version of Boogie Board Tablet which retails for $40.

7. Compartment Storage Boxes
Ender has various kinds of these all over his room. They’re many tiny clear drawers for holding things like nails, screws, paperclips, lug nuts etc. This one from Amazon is $31.


8. 3D Printer
Ok, this might be one of the coolest things in Ender’s bedroom. That’s definitely a 3D printer, like this one from desktopFab, which costs a whopping $4,000. Maybe 3D Printers are cheaper in the future.

9. Map of the Sky
That’s definitely a map of the sky. (I have one!) If shows you the coordinates of stars and constellations. We found this one on Amazon for $12.

10. Halo Master Chief Action Figure
If you play the video game Halo, you might have recognized this little guy.  We found this action figure on Amazon for $14.

Thanks everyone who helped. If you think you found something else in the picture of Ender’s Room, let us know in the comments!

Updated: We put together 10 more finds from Ender’s room from the things our readers have suggested via email, Twitter and the comments! Click here.


UPDATED: Ender’s Room Examined — 24 Comments

    • #2 is a foam glider of an F-16 Fighting Falcoln in the paint scheme of the US Air Force Thunderbirds flight demonstration team. They generally sell them at air shows for about $10.

          • Personally, I think it’s a false lead.  A Red Herring.  An attention-grabber, bait, a curve ball, a distraction, a diversion, a fool’s errand, a smoke screen, a wild-goose chase….

        • Could that be what they’re going for? In reading EG in 98 for the first time, there was a distinct….nostalgia to it. As though Card wanted us to feel that this “future” was really a step backward for humanity.

          Just me? Ok. :-)

          • Still, it feels like a room from the 1970’s or 1980’s, but with a few scattered objects from the 2000’s and 2010’s.

            And what’s with the drafting tools?  Two 3D printers, and he’s still got a triangle (the red thing in the shape of a…triangle), a hole guide (hanging under Travis’ 3D Printer), and a draftsman’s brush (for sweeping away pencil erasures)?  Really?

            I think the photo is a red herring.

      • While I will agree that’s the F-16 Thunderbird, I doubt that’s a foam glider. I would say it’s a model aircraft (slightly modified paint scheme on the underside). From the angle it appears at, it is not quite “2-D”. Most (if not all) of the foam gliders have a light blue cockpit coloring. This one has a smoke-coloring, something found on models. 

    • Yeah, for some reason I didn’t like that either. Maybe it’s their way to pay homage to other sci-fi franchises, I dunno. I’m holding out hope that it is not that and maybe it’s a IF Marine figure of some type. I still think that the figurine next to #4 in the picture is a sand person from Star Wars.

  1. Lol master chief. It’s probably a model/action figure of some great war hero, likely Mazer. But still a funny idea. “master chief trains ender to take on the buggers!”

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