OSC and Aaron Johnston Complete ‘The Swarm’

AaronJohnstonPic_thumb.jpgAaron Johnston has announced via Twitter that he and Orson Scott Card have finished co-writing ‘The Swarm’.

On March 3, Johnston states that he turned in the manuscript to Tor Books.

“Turned in the manuscript for THE SWARM, book 1 of The Second Formic War.#EndersGame #FormicWars @orsonscottcard”

— Aaron Johnston (@AaronWJohnston)

‘The Swarm’ will be the first book in the Second Formic War, a prequel trilogy to ‘Ender’s Game’. No release date has been announced, but Johnston speculates on Twitter that this novel may be published at the end of 2015 or the start of 2016.


OSC and Aaron Johnston Complete ‘The Swarm’ — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you.. this is the info I was searching for after finishing listening to the audio book Earth Awakens.. whoot.. always leave them wanting more… and it almost never fails with one of Orson Scott Card’s books..
    Thanks for another great read (listen) So.. Any idea on another Enders game movie yet??

  2. I can’t wait!! I got away from Earth Awakens for a while and the other day realized I hadn’t finished it. Just about done and ready for the 2nd Formic War to begin!

    On a side note, has there been any indication that there could potentially be an audio play in the works for Speaker and/or for the Bean Saga? Ender’s Game Alive was absolutely outstanding. As much as I enjoyed the movie, limiting it to one two-hour film to try and get the entire essence of Ender’s Game just wasn’t enough. Asa’s performance was incredible and yet I still found the movie a bit lacking. The audio play, however, was magnificent and may actually be the better way to go to bring all of these books to life for us.

    • @Cory Puffet – There are audio play books for every ender book and bean book. Get on audible.com. They even have the first formic war trilogy on audio which is the way I recommend ‘reading’ it. The voice actors are amazing!

      I can’t wait for The Swarm to be released as well!

    • Well, I agree that the movie was lacking, and that there could have been a little “more” put into it… albeit, it was still a good movie.

      I have listened to the audio book for these from our library. I use the app “Overdrive” and I am able to check out audio books and ebooks through my library for free. Also, my library did not have all of the audio books, even a few of the ebooks, so I requested that the library acquire them and they did! I suppose it depends on your library, but hopefully you could utilize the app and listen (and read) these books for no charge.

  3. I’m so excited for this!! I listen to the audio books at work, they are amazing, the voice actors are perfect!!

    Will we find out more about what happens to Bingwen, Mazer & Kim, and Victor & Imala?

  4. I am waiting for the second formic war! I need to see how this thing was faught, how Mazor analyzes everything. Can’t wait!

  5. Ive read almost every single Ender’s game book (accept the ones when he has the last formic queens egg and is looking for a planet for her) so this will be great!

  6. I have read the first Formic Wars trilogy and am starting Enders Game should I wait for the Swarm to come out before I read Enders Game?
    Robert Sullivan

    • Enders game is way after the Formic wars. The Swarm is the first book in the second Formic war. You should read the trilogy of the first Formic war befor the swarm. But it leaves you wanting more like all the stories. :). Lol. Enjoy

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