Gavin Hood: ‘Speaker for the Dead’ May Not Be the Sequel

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‘Ender’s Game’ movie producers and director, Gavin Hood, have been tight-lipped about movie sequels. When we interviewed Hood at Comic-Con a few months ago, he told us that there were no contracts or money currently in place for a sequel. Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate have made it clear to investors that if the ‘Ender’s Game’ film performs well at box offices, it may be the catalyst to a new young adult film franchise and an anonymous source recently revealed to us that the studios are hoping to turn ‘Ender’s Game’ into a trilogy.

Until now, Gavin Hood has been leery when speaking about the direction possible sequels might take. The Enderverse timeline is complicated, to say the least. Now, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex, Gavin Hood discusses the possibility of creating a ‘Speaker for the Dead’ movie. He says,

“It’s a great question, but I think it’s such a difficult one to answer, because the sequel ‘Speaker for the Dead’ takes place 30 years after, so we’re in an interesting place. I think we have to hope that audiences respond to the film… And Orson is apparently writing something that’s more of a direct follow called ‘Fleet School’. Obviously, from the studio’s point of view, they’d almost certainly want to move the characters from this film into the next journey. So it may be that ‘Speaker for the Dead’ is not the sequel now. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t think we can count our sequels before they hatch. We’ve got a complicated film here. I hope that it does two things. I hope that it gives the audiences the visual excitement that they want from a big movie, but it does have the challenge of asking questions that films of this kind don’t usually ask. And we’ll have to see whether audiences embrace that. Most big popcorn movies are bad guy does something to good guy, good guy gets revenge on bad guy, sets the world right and moves on. And ‘Ender’s Game’ is just not that simple, so it’s an exciting challenge. It’s a little terrifying, and let’s see how audiences respond. I hope they respond well so we can keep doing films that are not just goodies versus baddies.”

Read the Gavin Hood’s full interview at The Hero Complex, and learn more about ‘Fleet School’ here.

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film was released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.


Gavin Hood: ‘Speaker for the Dead’ May Not Be the Sequel — 13 Comments

  1. FINALLY!! Finally something a little more concrete. It’s not much, but at least he’s answering a question about it. This gives me a little hope.

    Ender in Exile also could have been a sequel to EG before Speaker.

    I just hope, if they continue, that they find a way to have Val meet up with Ender on his journey.

  2. only homophobes would support the film written by that human trash heap.. the film will BOMB!..there won’t be any sequel..

      • I just want to say this: While I’m in no position to judge Card as a ‘bad person,’ I also don’t think that I’m in a position to judge him as a ‘good person.’

        That said, I think Card said it best when he mentioned that his views on gay marriage are moot based on new laws being passed in favor of gay marriage, which STRONGLY went against some thing he said before about trying to overthrow the government if they ever legalized gay marriage. He also said that it will be interesting to see whether people have tolerance for those with different views, especially views that are no longer generally accepted but once were VERY MUCH accepted.

        Only a few years ago, I was considered crazy, and sometimes straight-up called a ‘fag,’ because I didn’t think that homosexuality is necessarily sinful.

    • Agreed on the issues you have Jimi. The movie and Cards views are totally different, so separate them. The movie didn’t bomb btw and your complete lack of respect towards the story that Ender’s Game tells shows your not worth the time past this comment

    • Nice to see tolerance is a one-way street and people can hold any views they want so long as they conform to those you agree with. Does your hateful comment make you a heterophobe I wonder?

  3. Ender In Exile was a direct sequel to enders game, where he is fifteen and on a voyage with his sister Valentine. If they did a movie on Ender In Exile it would follow on perfectly.

  4. Ahhh speaker of the dead takes place 3000 years later Mr. Hood. Maybe he should reread the quintet a few more times. Just saying.

  5. I suppose this will fall on deaf ears or most likely never be read by Gavin Hood. I have written a novel which would make a teriffic movie. All I want is to contact Gavin Hood and send him a copy to read. I’m positive he will be very interested.

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