Moises Arias Says Bonzo Won’t Be What Fans Are Expecting

moises ariasA Bonzo of a different flavor

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Moises Arias spoke a little bit about his role as Bonzo Madrid in ‘Ender’s Game’. He says,

“I do believe that I’m going to be very different from what people were predicting, but I think it’s going to be a different flavor to what Bonzo is. I’m just happy that I got the opportunity.”

Tell us, based on Moises Arias’s comment, how do you think Bonzo will be portrayed on the big screen?

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.


Moises Arias Says Bonzo Won’t Be What Fans Are Expecting — 8 Comments

  1. Well, he’ll probably still be pretty mean and harsh… I don’t know. Maybe with a nicely wicked twist.

    • That I think would be more dangerous….nice smile, charismatic, charming, yet….

      Yep makes the best kind of ‘bad guy’ especially in this book series.

      Btw can’t wait for the movie…thanks to the cast for helping make it happen!!

  2. I’m sure that there is a sympathetic way to play Bonzo. He was a creature made by the system, just like the rest of the kids.

  3. I brought this up on Philotic Web. True the age change in the script because the difficulty for actors and actresses who play the parts of the children in battle school, let alone the ones who are with/ go against Ender Wiggin; are indeed challenging beyond words. But the phrase Moises Aries is qouted for above gets me thinking. Just what does he mean? I don’t have twitter nor do I think a simple facebook post to his page would get through to him, but I would love to ask him personally what he feels will make himself stand out from the book. (all spoilers left out if possible)

    Just thoughts I guess

    • I will let you know if he says anything. That made me curious as well so I thought I might tweet to him once.

  4. Badly. Just saw the movie. Bonzo didn’t make sense at all. He was smaller than Bean! The other characters were fine, but when bonzo was introduced on screen, my son and I just shared a pained look, rolled our eyes, and then laughed. No idea what they were thinking with that casting.

  5. I’m not going to slam the young actor. But the decision to cast him as Bonzo was absurd. Speaking of slamming, everyone in the room looked like they could pick him up and slam him, including Petra. How could we serriously accept him as intimidating? It was at first, comical.
    Then it was dissapoining to realize the film needed us to play along. This ruined every scene Bonzo was in.

  6. The whole movie was awful. It’s the worst book-to-movie adaptation i’ve ever seen in my life. It was disgusting. They changed far too many aspects, including MAJOR aspects. The movie was also far too short. If it was 30-45 mins longer they could have expanded ender and bean’s relationship. done ender’s launchie training, and his ascent in battle school. Plus the ending…what the hell was that? They say there are no formics on a comet that’s supposed to be blacked out, yet was instead a fully lit planet. Then there are formics about 400m from the entrance to the base. ridiculously unrealistic. Thanks for crapping all over the book!

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