Asa Butterfield Talks Flash Suits, Sequels, and More!

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In a recent interview with IGN, Ender Wiggin actor, Asa Butterfield, openly talked about the ‘Ender’s Game’ movie. He debunked the rumor that the movie will include bits of ‘Ender’s Shadow’ and said that the production team is aiming at a PG-13 rating.

IGN: Can you talk about Gavin Hood’s approach to shooting those scenes and creating the zero gravity effect in the battle room? What kinds of stunts can we expect?

Butterfield: Those are surprisingly difficult to shoot. We had a lot of training, and a lot of talks with people who had been to space about what it’s like in zero gravity and how it affects your movements so that we could try and recreate it in the most believable way. Of course we’re hanging from harnesses, which aren’t the most comfortable things to wear, and we’re wearing Flash Suits ***, which also weren’t the most comfortable things to wear. So you were very hot and sweaty and stiff when you were up there and yet had to keep the movements smooth and fluid, which is what it’s like in zero gravity. So you have to keep your body loose, basically. But in order to stop your body from falling over in the harness you have to completely tense up. So doing all this whilst saying your lines is really hard. But we had a lot of training for it, and I’m pretty sure it looks good.

IGN: With such great characters, and so much story to tell, has anyone talked to you about the possibility of sequels? 

Butterfield: Well I really hope there is. It lets me play Ender more, and I really love the character, but I think it depends on how well this film does.

Read the full interview on IGN to learn more about the battle room, visuals, shooting in zero gravity and more!

The ‘Ender’s Game’ film will be released in U.S. theaters on November 1, 2013.


Asa Butterfield Talks Flash Suits, Sequels, and More! — 6 Comments

  1. Well that explains why Asa said that the next film chronologically would be Ender’s Shadow. He wasn’t mistaken, we all were just misinformed about the film including pieces from Ender’s Shadow.

    • The only structural differences between EG and ES are Bean’s back-story, the appearance of Achilles, and the “Bean-centric” character POV. Take out the fist two, and include a couple of shots from Bean’s POV (which I am sure will exist), and how would one tell the difference.

      Still, I will put money down that there will NOT be an “Ender’s Shadow” film, so–again–a difference which makes no difference is no difference at all.

      • You lost me on that last sentence lol

        If anything, if they included shots that are truly from Bean’s POV but then there’s nothing from Rotterdam, nothing about Sister Carlotta, and Achilles isn’t around, it would confuse hardcore Ender fans like myself. It wouldn’t make sense to include shots from Bean’s POV in a way that implies the movie is including Ender’s Shadow, but then not have other scenes/characters integral to the plot.

        I agree, it would be silly to make a separate ‘Ender’s Shadow’ film. But they could still make films about the other books in the Bean saga, throwing flashbacks to Rotterdam and Bean’s POV in the Battle School at appropriate points.

  2. This also tells me what I was assuming:

    “…it had to be toned down. But everything from the book is still there, apart from, of course, the ages.”
    We all knew the violence likely wouldn’t be the same, but if they can keep the death and the other key elements, I think we’ll have a success!

  3. I’d hesitate to take this one at face value…for anyone who listened to Asa’s interview at CinemaCon, he mentioned that if they were to film “Ender’s Shadow,” they would have to wait 15 years for him to age up. Sounds like he’s confusing “Ender’s Shadow” with “Speaker for the Dead.” So I’m not sure that’s exactly what he meant to say…

  4. Not to override everyone else’s conversation, but I doubt Asa has fully read either series. Else wise he would know that he would not be playing ender in any sequel.(He would be uninvolved or in his 30s(It was thirties wasn’t it?)) As for the idea of making an enders shadow movie, I think that would be foolish. But I don’t know that flash backs sounds like a good solution either.

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