#003b PHILOTIC ANSIBLE Podcast: A Book to Film Adaptation


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#003b Ender’s Game: A Book to Film Adaptation

Welcome to Part 2 of our third Philotic Ansible podcast episode with the Philotic Web Fan Community. Listen to Part 1, here.

Part 2: Thomas and Cassandra discuss:

  • Should there be a sequel to the Ender’s Game movie?
  • Which story line should a sequel follow?
  • The difficulties of making a sequel
  • and fan reactions to various sequels


Listen to Part 2 of this podcast here: Philotic Ansible #003b – Ender’s Game: A Book to Film Adaptation (mp3, 17:59– Right Click to Save), stream below, or subscribe in iTunes.


If you would like to suggest future podcast topics please leave them in the comments section below. Until next time, do you think there should be sequels to the Ender’s Game movie? Why or why not?

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