CLOSED Giveaway: Ender’s World Pins

205646_10152519566380331_1211207681_nAren’t these pins amazing? Smart Pop Books is giving away these pins at their booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 to promote ‘Ender’s World’ edited by Orson Scott Card. If you don’t plan on attending Comic-Con have no fear, five lucky readers will be winning a set of three pins: 1 ‘Third’ pin, 1 ‘Dragon Army’ pin, and 1 ‘Ender’s Game 2013′ pin from SDCC 2012 (Not pictured, we’re including them because we have extras!).

Here are the rules:

1. The contest is open to everyone worldwide. (Minors, ask your parents for permission.)

2. One entry per person; all duplicates will be deleted.

3. To enter leave a comment on this post telling us who your favorite character in the Enderverse is and why.

4. The giveaway will end on 11:59PM PST on Sunday March 3, 2013.

The five winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday March 4, 2013. Be sure to check back! Winners should claim their prize by emailing us their full name and address as it should be mailed.

Ender’s World’ edited by Orson Scott Card, will be published on April 2, 2013. Pre-order it here.


#11 Sara Colford
#42 Ly Huynh
#38 Ian Miller
#9 Morgon Grobin
#43 Daphne Chong

We have attempted to contact each of you. Winners, please email us your full name and address as it should be put on the mailing label ASAP

  • Lewis N Christmas II

    Valintine – she is the key that keeps the whole thing together

  • Adaptandreact

    Bean, he is short like me and intelligent which is not like me

  • Cambelle Wallace

    Believe it or not, my favorite in the series is Peter because throughout the course of the Shadow series we get to see him mature and, yeah, he did end up ruling the world but he wasn’t the monster that Ender imagined him to be. He was a trustworthy ally and a loving friend.

  • Daphne Chong

    Peter is my favourite. He’s terrible at the beginning of the first book but I like how he ends up. Asking Ender to tell his story.

  • Ly Huynh

    Ender is the best. I know there’s an unwritten rule about not having the main character be your favorite, but Ender is so lovable I can’t help it. His integrity and willpower makes him the most driving character and his philosophical development in the books following Ender’s Game give him an enigmatic edge.

    • endersansible


      You’ve won our ‘Ender’s World’ button giveaway!
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    • endersansible

      Congratulations Ly!

      You’ve won our ‘Ender’s World’ button giveaway!
      Please email us with your full name and address as it should be written on the mailing address ASAP so we can send you your prize!


  • Вячеслав Яковлев

    Of course, Ender.
    Because he wins. Always.

  • Hanna Hart

    Bean: He’s put into extreme situations from the start of his life and could have turned out more like Achilles but he remains good and has a subtle but delightful sense of humor.

  • Laura C

    Bean is my favorite because he grew out of such a rough childhood into a genius who saved the world. His support gave Ender confidence, and after the war he saved the world again by going against Achilles. He is such a lovable character and so unique!

  • Ian Miller

    My absolute favorite is Jane, because I love her sense of humor, her basic concept, and her struggles to discover who she is and do the right thing with nearly unimaginable power. Additionally, her arc in Children of the Mind is incredibly moving (can’t say more because spoilers, but I am more happy every time I read that book.)

  • Charles Dice

    Miro. Because despite all the terrible things he goes through, he still manages to keep his sharp wit and sense of humor. One of his conversations with Jane contains my favorite Enderverse quote as well.

  • Jolyn Lobe

    Ender has always been my favorite. He is intelligent, resourceful and loyal. He is the reason why we know all the other fantastic characters of the “Ender Universe”

  • Chris Conrey

    Favorite character is Hyrum Graff – as you re-read the books you find the layers of empathy in him and his genuine feelings for these kids whose lives he knows he is ruining. Graff comes off as a good guy or a bad guy alternately as needed to get to the ultimate end goal.

  • ·★ ⓡⓐⓝⓔ ★·

    Petra. She’s a toughie among all those boys. She’s an example of a girl who could stand on her own feet without depending on others. She’s loyal, brave, and intelligent though we could see that she have negative aspects of herself as well, making her more human than the other students.

  • Sir Framling

    Peter. Even if he’s been rejected to join the Battle School by the IF, he chose to do something for the good of humanity.

  • Andrew Hildner

    My favorite is Ender. He stands for so much of what I believe in. I see so much of myself in Ender.

  • Alexander Hildner

    Bean is my fave, because he’s a super genius, and even though he was brought into battle school as a backup incase Ender failed, Bean still realized that he didn’t have the ability to inspire people like Ender did. Bean is the coolest character in the series because he is still humble.

  • EagleCracker

    Hard to choose between Ender and Bean. Ender always wins. But Bean is a genius

  • Ray

    As boring as it might sound I’d have to go with Ender. His drive to be the best regardless of what they put him through was amazing.

  • Michelle Jung

    Ender, it’s hard not to favor him after how much we delved into his psyche and come to understand his character so much in the books.

  • Nickolaus Alexander Hammack

    My favorite character would have to be Achilles. Not because I personally like him, but I love how he is a perfect representation of genius accompanied with good looks and charisma, a deadly trio in a fight for world dominance as it unfolds in the Shadow saga. Without Achilles the antagonist and Bean the protagonist, I don’t think the Shadow saga would have been nearly as engrossing as it is in my eyes.

  • Carly Yingst

    I always go back and forth between Ender and Bean, but I think, at least right now, I have to go with Ender. I first read the book at 8 or 9 (probably younger than I should have been, with all the violence, haha), and I was extremely inspired by his intelligence, integrity, creativity, and drive. Since the first time reading, I’ve made a habit of reading it at least once a year, so, in a way, I feel like I’ve grown up with this character, and many of his values have become my own.

  • Brittany

    *spoilers for Shadow series*

    When I first read Ender’s Game, I was in grade seven. My best friend and I each had our favourites, which led to us adopting the names Ender (her) and Bean (me) for ourselves. That said, rereading the series as an adult, I no longer identify with Bean…at all, really. I still love his character dearly but in terms of connection, I find myself drawn to Petra. I read Petra as a feminist character (confirmed by Bean in SiF as he remarks – sarcastically – on her feminism to Carlotta) despite criticism of her baby fever in the Shadow sequels. I think it’s possible to read her behaviour as seeking to find something she lost


  • Bruna Figueiroa

    My favorite character is Ender because of his development. We see him from a little kid, almost naive, to a commander. He wins, he fails, he learns. He is someone the world turned into bad but he tries to fix it.

  • Ken Lo

    Bean. whats not to love about a super genius?

  • Kahlebb

    Adult Ender (as Speaker) is probably my ‘favorite’ (since we’re being forced to pick…there are PLENTY of great characters). But yeah, the scene in “Speaker” where he gets peed on (that sounds more awkward than it is) gets me every time.

  • Evan Walker

    Bean. Definitively Bean. He’s not going to let anyone tell him he can’t do something, and instead of just saying “No, I can do this” he stands up and does it. He’s proof that actions speak louder than words, and it’s why they trust him with the power to take over Ender’s position of command.

  • Charlotte Pelker

    I love Bean. I love smart people, mostly people who use their brains to figure things out and not take the easy way out. I also think that he is very brave to take his children (Ender, Carlotta, and Sargent) into space to prolong his life and find a cure so they can live without the key turned. (I just got this book, so I’m not sure how it ends! Gah!)

  • Sahar

    ONE favourite character? That’s cruel! ;) If I had to choose, it would have to be Ender, especially adult Ender, who did not let what happened to him as a child turn him into an arrogant, self-entitled adult.

  • Neil

    Jane is the best, faster than light travel instant travel is awesome

  • Jacqueline

    Peter, he is a genius, often a cruel one, but his plan with Locke and Demosthenes is simply mind blowing.

  • Robert Joseph Cahill

    I would have to say my favorite charactier is Jane. Who else in the story lives so many lifetimes in a single instance. When a single minute is an eternity focusing so much attention on 1 person really shows love. And anyone would be lucky to have someone loves them half as much.

  • Ian Parrish McDonough

    My favorite character is Achilles Flandres. He is the most friendly person in the Enderverse. He can be friends with anybody he wants and does. I feel most relatable to him too in the sense that charisma and charm help us go far in our intentions. That’s why anybody likes anything, because they can see themselves in it.

  • Jaeeun Kim

    My favorite character is Ender. As I read I almost feel like Ender and wishes to help and encourage him. I am also amazed by his intelligence, creativity, and eagerness. I wish i was intelligent, creative, and eager. Although found out about the Ender’s game at 8th grade(I and 10th grade now), I fell in love with the book. I bought almost all of the series and will buy all the series. Ender’s game is my favorite book and Ender is my favorite charter/ role model.

  • Dan

    Bean-he’s a genius and he survived by hiding in a toilet as an infant. Doesn’t eat much cooler/crazier than that!

  • Anders

    Bean, because he personifies me so well what with his cynical/sardonic nature and intelligence at a young age.

  • Sara Colford

    Honestly? I could never just pick ONE favourite, but if I absolutely had to it would be Petra. She is so integral to Ender’s growth in the first book, Ender’s Game, and then she has her own little storyline with Bean and she remains a strong female character. Petra is amazing because she got into Battle School, one of the very few girls that were accepted, and she was part of Ender’s jeesh. So few people were there, but she made it.

    • endersansible

      Congratulations Sara!

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  • teamparenting

    Ender…because my daughter got to put a space suit on and do the fight scenes as the stunt double at NASA in NOLA! She fought hard and almost got smashed against the wall (if it wasn’t for the GREAT riggers she worked with…one who saved Tom Cruise once)!!!

  • Morgan Grobin

    My favourite character has always been Peter. He’s so driven, and I admire the way he can manipulate people.

    • endersansible

      Congratulations Morgan!

      You’ve won our ‘Ender’s World’ button giveaway!
      Please email us with your full name and address as it should be written on the mailing address ASAP so we can send you your prize!


  • Eric

    Bean is my favorite character, because his genes carry the next evolutionary step for human beings!

  • Angela Spencer

    I love Petra. For her toughness in Ender’s Game but also for how she develops through the “Ender’s Shadow” books. She is tender and yet a force to be reckoned with.

  • Kodie houston

    Sister Carlotta. The main reason I love this character is because she helped provide protection for Bean from Achilles when he needed it.

  • Evilender

    Ender, of course. He is better than a genius :)

  • Jocell

    My favorite character is Bean/Ender/Peter.

    That’s one, right?

  • Hannah Craswell

    Bean, but Petra and Dink are right up there.

  • RobbieRobbie

    I’ve loved all of the characters at some point in their development, but Bean is the one who sticks with me all the way through. Bean is smart and driven, he is more aware of his own weakness and the strengths of those around him than most. I think what I love most about Bean is how different and yet the same he is from the first to later books. He starts out brilliant but physically tiny and vulnerable as a result. Then he grows – and becomes huge and physically imposing. He becomes even more brilliant, but the thing that allows him to be that way makes him vulnerable. His size and his intellect constantly define him but his awareness of that fact and how he chooses to use it is what makes him so compelling.

  • TheDanLevy

    Peter because he turned his aggressiveness to the benefit of mankind and became just as – if not more – important to the story of humanity than Ender did (in the Enderverse).

  • Sir Framling

    Are there any other ways on how to get the prizes? ;] I really want to have those.