First Official Ender’s Game Movie Still Released! has just released an exclusive very first official look at the Ender’s Game movie via a still shot!

Click here for a bigger picture! Is it everything you hoped it would be? What do you notice of interest? Sound off in the comments below!

In addition to the first look picture, the article also mentions that the official Ender’s Game Movie Facebook Page by Lionsgate has just been launched as well as an interview with director Gavin Hood. He explains,

“The relationship between [Harrison] and Asa was very close, but he didn’t overly befriend him off the set. He helped Asa by allowing that slight sense of intimidation to be there.”

If you guys think Asa looks too tall for Ender consider what Gavin says,

“The decision was made very early on to compress the time period into about a year, so that we could have the same actor from beginning to end… We were trying to hit that sweet spot right around 12, which Asa fits in very nicely.”

“I am a fan, and I have had a desire to do this and have been working on this now for nearly four years.That ending — and the complex moral questions that it raises — is one of the reasons why I love the book,I promise you that it is very much there.”

Read the full interview with director Gavin Hood here.

The Ender’s Game movie will be released in theaters on November 1, 2013. Read more about the cast here and “like” us on Facebook for the latest Ender’s Game movie news!

P.S. Did anyone else notice in the larger version of the picture that they’re wearing SOCKS in BATTLE SCHOOL?!


First Official Ender’s Game Movie Still Released! — 26 Comments

          • Movies that get the physics right? Almost none.

            Viewers that notice or care? One. But that happens to be ME, so I find that issue very important.

            And they had the chance to get the physics right in this one, because they ALL had my friggin’ phone number and e-mail address, and my article in “The Authorized Ender Companion.” So they got no excuse, neh?

            Ethan! Welcome back to the fold, dude!

      • Ah gentlemen, it is good to see you here. The Hatrack and Fresco Pictures forums of ~1999 feel like only yesterday. I am glad this is finally happening. As far as Things-to-Obsess-About-on-the-Internet go, this is by far the oldest one for me and I’m sorta glad there may finally be closure, one way or another.

  1. Nah. It’s pretty much all wrong. It’s too bright and disney looking. If they are going to make the cast older then they should have them in the older kids barracks. Should feel much more stark and military and much darker. It looks like a futuristic european youth hostel.

    • The beds should also be sideways against the wall and the corridors should be much more narrow. It’s a closterphobic space station! The only time they should not feel constricted in IN THE BATTLE ROOM.

        • Yes they all eat at a cafeteria, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cramped cafeteria. All I’m saying is that space should look like it’s at a premium. Only the army commanders have their own rooms, and those are described as fairly small as well. In Ender’s Shadow even the teachers rooms are supposed to be cramped. The Battle room and Graff’s office are only rooms I ever pictured as big for what their function is. Actual class rooms are never described to my knowledge. The hallways wouldn’t be wide enough for 40 kids to run side by side. It would be a long curved hallway where at most you could fit 4 or 5 adults shoulder to shoulder. When Ender is running his army naked down the hallways (I’m assuming that’s the scene you’re referring to) they would be running by two’s or in single file.

  2. I’m so excited about the still. I found a couple of things that seem questionable. Though, I know the film is different from the book, I just thought it would be cool to point out some things. The socks being one of them. Also, the ‘desks’. Are they detachable? The stool next to them tells me they might not be. Also, the two kids in yellow suits. The chief officers? And for some reason I was surprised to see the two girls in the larger picture. I had the impression that Petra was one of the few girls that still were in Battle School.

    • There are other girls in battle school but not THAT many. Petra is I believe the only one that makes it to the Jeesh so it’s unlikely that any others would have more than a couple lines.

      • As with the girls, I think they are just trying to make the whole thing more diverse, since OSC’s reason for the girls not being there is a pretty misogynist one. I think they changed this little thing, because it will make girl audiences feel included (I mean really, girls are too soft, so they can’t be heros, except a few??? How 19th century is that?) and because it really doesn’t hurt anyone.

        As for the yellow uniforms: I think those two are just the kids that managed to get dressed early. The others are wearing pyjamas. Morning roll call?

  3. Is there a reason Col. Graff is wearing Captain’s bars? I know that we aren’t going for military realism, but so many of us in the military love the books that to overlook something this basic in the movie’s production is pretty insulting.

      • Is Graff also wearing a wedding ring? I know it’s on his right hand, but unless that’s some sort of military academy ring (which it doesn’t look like) I think they let Harrison wear some of his jewelry.. At least it’s not his ear ring.

        • Given the way it seems to be tapered, my money is on that wedding ring being the tip of a pen he’s holding between his fingers.

          Of course, that’s really not that much better, because now we’re talking about space pens.

          • I dunno, since we are obviously expecting military insignia to stay the same (as with Graff wearing “captain’s bars”, even though they could easily be colonel’s bars in the future), why not space pens?

            seriously people, it is the future. Anything could change. Who is to say that the IF is going to have something like American bars on their uniforms in the future? Other countries have different systems, so it is not a “fault”!

  4. They’re so old!!! Of course, we knew this going in, but I still kind of hoped that they would look smaller in proportion to the adults…And that Ender wouldn’t be the tallest one of the bunch.

    I think it looks all right, but certainly agree with the comments about the number of girls and Graff’s captain tabs…The yellow jumpsuits are also interesting – not sure what that’s about.

    Honestly, my very first thought when I saw the full picture was that the girl in the front left corner with the yellow jump suit looks just like Rue from “The Hunger Games.” I know one of the big worries of fans of “Ender’s Game” is that it will be compared to that other adaptation, especially since HG part two comes out almost at the same time (even though EG was written almost 30 years earlier). The comparision of the two movies will be even greater since the kids are almost even the same age – and anything that makes the two seem similar worries me!

  5. I noticed a few things:
    1) In Ender’s row, I see 3 pairs of black socks. And I see the third launchy has the upper part of the yellow jumpsuit pulled down to the waist with the arms cinched up at the waist. The 4th launchy, with a darker complexion has a yellow jumpsuit on. Next to him in the image is a launchy in a white shirt, and if you just look beyond that launchy at waist level, you can see a small bit of yellow, with a matching dark patch where the feet would be. All together, there are 4 launchies in yellow jumpsuits.
    2) If you look along the wall on the right, just past the nearest pair of bunks, you can see a workstation ‘chair’ pushed into a wall space. And just above that, it looks like an open locker where one of the flat computer terminals should be located. There is also a second ‘locker’ open on the left side. If you notice, each of the ‘lockers’ has dual vertical rails that are above shoulder height. 2 pairs of these rails appear to always be next to one another. Well, the second pair of rails on the left appears to have a missing computer terminal. And it looks like the panel the terminal should be attached to is not there.
    3) All of the launchy’s hands appear to be clenched in an intentional manner. Indicating they have been there long enough already to have been taught that.
    4) Look waist level past the first yellow launchy on the left. Focus on top of the bottom cot. It looks like there is a shiny rectangular panel lying on the cot. I think this is one of the non-attached terminals that was frequently referred to in the book. And perhaps there is another one kind of behind the knees of the tall, caucasian boy, 3rd on the left. The floor has a weird white/yellow and green reflection which appears to be rectangular. Maybe another terminal (?). Kind of as though a few launchies were doing something on the non-attached terminals, when Col. Graff appeared unexpectedly, and they dropped their terminals immediately (on the cot or on the floor?).
    5) Referring to the pairs of rails in (2), it looks like there are 4 pairs of them on the right, and 4 pairs on the left. Meaning there could be as many as 16 launchies in this room. I can only make out 6 faces on the right, and 4 on the left. So there could be as many as 6 launchies we cannot see in this movie still.

    Ok, that’s it. I had a little too much fun picking this image apart. :)

  6. Am I the only one? Are there others who share my feelings on this?


  7. As long as OSC is pleased with the end result, I trust that it will live up to my standards. My one question, though, has to do with that final thought from Gavin, about keeping the ending of the book. Is there any chance that there will be film adaptations of Speaker, Xenocide and Children of the Mind? Adaptations of the Shadow series would be cool, too, but I’ve always found the Ender quartet to be much more stimulating, what with all the philosophical and religious undertones.

    And of course I’m well ahead of the curve on this as well, considering only the first of the trilogy has been published, but is there any chance film adaptations of the Formic Wars books could be made?

    And will there be books about the 2nd Formic War? So many questions and so few real answers.

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