Ender’s Game Technology: Digitizing Battle Room Scenes

Back in January we shared this post and picture of Ender’s Game actor, Khylin Rhambo. At the time he stated via Facebook, that “the technology in the picture was used to scan his face, take costume measurements, ‘and other stuff.’”

Thanks to Darian‘s investigative work, we’re getting better picture of what this technogolgy actually does.

The technology is called Light Stage X. The spherical network of lights is used to digitalize “people’s faces to turn a real person in to a digital person that would be just as realistic as the real thing,” says one of its creators and lab directors Paul Debevec, Ph.d.

Watch the video below for a better understanding of how the cast will be digitalized for the battle room sequences.

Thanks again to Darian for the tip! Visit his website!


Ender’s Game Technology: Digitizing Battle Room Scenes — 2 Comments

  1. I can’t wait for the day when we can plug all of say Harrison Ford’s Audio and Visual from all of his media into a computer that then makes a 3d model of him at any age and can then be used as a (more or less) realistic puppet, both audio and visual. We may not need actors when the AI gets good enough, we can just re-use all of our old favorites 😀 Remake Star Wars Episode I-VI as they truly should have been lol, this type of thing seems like step one towards tech like that.

    —- and —-

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NOV 1…. Why so far??? ? ? ? I know I will be in line for Halloween, and dressed in International Fleet attire (once we get previews hopefully we will know what that looks like)!!!!

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