UPDATED: Ender’s Game Movie Wraps Filming

Ender’s Game Film Enters Post-Production

Edit: Updated to include more pictures!

Today is a bittersweet day for Ender’s Game fans. Today was the last day of filming which means that movie has officially entered post-production. We’re one step closer to seeing the movie on the big screen, but it also means that the Jeesh breaking up (for now at least).

Earlier this week on Saturday, the producers hosted a wrap party at the House of Blues in New Orleans. See pictures from the wrap party below.

The young cast sitting around a table

Asa, Aramis and Khylin

Producers Lynn Hendee & Bob Orci (Love them!)

Ender's Game Ice Sculpture

Dragon Ice Sculpture

Many of the cast and crew tweeted their farewells and promises to visit with each other back in Los Angeles (where many of them live). Khylin Rhambo even tweeted this photo; he had the whole background sign his hand.

Khylin had the background sign his hand

Speaking of extras, extra @kelv_harr tweeted this picture of glassware he received, telling us that it was a gift from the production.

Glassware production gift

Suraj received this gift from Conor Carroll.

Gift to Suraj from Conor

And Khylin tweeted this dog tag featuring a Dragon for Dragon Army that may or may not be a gift from someone on set.

Khylin's dragon dog tag

And on a final note, Jimmy Pinchack returned to New Orleans this week for a few short days to film some final scenes. This seems like a logical conclusion to the filming, because it has seemed that the filming has been shot in chronological order. They are growing children after all. You can still follow the cast and crew on Twitter here.


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