Nonso Anozie talks Ender’s Game Movie

The Root recently interviewed Sargent Dap actor, Nonso Anozie. Read what he has to say about Ender’s Game below:

TR: Tell me about Ender’s Game, the movie you’re filming in New Orleans with Viola Davis.

NA: It’s starring Hugo’s Asa Butterfield — we worked together on Nanny McPhee Returns — Harrison Ford, Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley. Ender’s Game is set 60 years from now; Earth has been attacked by aliens, and we are preparing a pre-emptive attack on the [next set of] intruders. It’s really dark, actually. I’m a hard-ass in this one. In The Grey I was a bit soft and friendly; in Game of Thrones, Xaro is smooth; and inEnder’s Game, I’m just angry all the time. I like the variances of characters I get to play.

That’s all he’s got to say about the Ender’s Game movie, but if you want to ready more of his interview click here. Give me your best impression of Sargent Dap shouting at launchies in the comments!


Nonso Anozie talks Ender’s Game Movie — 4 Comments

  1. lol 60 years from now? That’s not possible. I guess I suspend disbelief. The formic wars the time gap between them already derail that timeline. Not to mention the sheer jump in technology and the creation of the IF and it far stretch and sway on the world. All that manifesting in 60 years? 

    Am I nitpicking? sorry. lol just saying… 

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