UPDATED Ender’s Game Movie: Valentine Needs a Stunt Double

Lake Scene… Maybe

Valentine Wiggin needs a stunt double for the Ender’s Game movie, and her name is Kristina Baskett. She has stunt double experience in 90210 and ABC family’s Make It or Break It. You can read her full credit here.

We aren’t sure what scenes Valentine would need a stunt double for, as author Orson Scott Card has previously said that the Locke & Demosthenes and the Mind Game material would need to be cut in the Ender’s Game movie. If we had to speculate, we’d probably say it’s the lake scene- maybe Abigail Breslin isn’t entirely comfortable with diving/swimming.  What do you think?

Update: Yesterday, Abigail Breslin posted to Facebook that she can’t swim. Our prediction is plausible; she probably needed a stunt double to film the lake scene where she swims with Ender during his leave on Earth.


UPDATED Ender’s Game Movie: Valentine Needs a Stunt Double — 5 Comments

  1. Secret Agent Valentine Wiggen? Haha just kidding…

    Anyway, unless I am mistaken, the lake scene has already been filmed. Asa’s twitter had a picture from the clouds over the lake a while back.

  2. The thing I take away from this is: If the Locke & Demosthenes scenes are going to have to be cut, then how will any sequels look. Without Locke, there’s no Hegemon Peter, and therefore no Bean quartet saga. Without Demosthenes, what will Valentine’s role in any Ender sagas be?

    • I believe they will touch up on Peter and valentine writting, but wont go into it. Just to much time and not enough film. IMO, I think they will mention Archilles, show small parts about Peter and Valentine writting and May throw in an extra character like Sister Carlotta to set things up for a sequel.

      • I hope they plan to do sequels. I love Ender’s Game, but I think the real story is in the following books, both on Ender’s side and on Bean’s. I guess they don’t really NEED to do more than mention what Peter and Val are doing to set up for a sequel, but I always felt like their scenes were important in setting up Peter to be who he was as Hegemon in the Shadow books.

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